CoachLink For Students - How To Use

(The app may look slightly different as we continually make changes)

How To Use CoachLink

​Step 1 - Download and install the CoachLink app below.

Step 2 - Fill out your Profile and enter your credit card info to pay for your coaching sessions.

Step 3 - Scroll through the growing list of top coaches.

Step 4 - Choose a coach based on location, experience, ratings or per minute fee.

Step 5 - If they are ONLINE click the green HIRE button.  If they're BUSY, you will be added to the waiting list and will be sent a notified once they're available.

Step 6 - ​Once you hit the HIRE button you will be ​connected live with that coach (you will need a phone holder or someone to holf your device).  The first 15 seconds are free.  After that, you will be charged for each minute you are connected with the coach.  This can be seen in the top right of the screen.  You can end the call at any time.

​Step 7 - After the call, you will be asked to give the coach a Star Rating.  You can also leave a comment and if they did a great job, you can leave them a much appreciated tip.

Step 8 - Session recordings are not available.  After the call, go to your ​NOTES section in the menu to write some notes about the session.


1.  Save coaches you like to your FAVORITES tab by click the heart icon in the coaches profile.

2.  If you would like to join a school, log out.  Choose the icon for the sport you are looking for.  Choose SCHOOL STUDENT.  There you can scroll through the list of schools.  Contact them by click the green icon to the right side of that school.  They will contact you and sign you up.  If you are part of a school you cannot chose freelance coaches.  You can only work with that school.

3. REFUNDS - To request a refund you go to the CALL LOG in the menu.  There you will see a refund button.  Simply click the button and fill out the form giving the reason for the refund.  We will take a look into it and if justified, we will issue the refund.

Download Below:

​There are so many uses for CoachLink, you can​​:

  • ​Work with ​your coach when you are on vacation
  • ​Work with coaches that are not in your city or town or country
  • ​Snowbirds can keep working with their coaches when they go back home
  • Work with your ​coach at your facility, at home, at competitions etc.
  • ​​Get a few things to work on between live lessons
  • ​Have your coach check your technique ​so you're doing it right
  • ​Ask your coach questions
  • ​Have your coach help you pick out the right equipment at the store
  • The uses are endless

Download Below:


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