CoachLink For ​Schools

​We removed the school section from the app as it made it too difficult for students to log in.  This doesn't mean you can't still list your school and the ​coaches in your school.   It just means that this is not a separate log in anymore. 

Now, students sign up.  Once they log in, they will see the schools at the top of the screen and freelance coaches below.  

If a student clicks on a school only the coaches part of that school will be visible.  This way students can work with your school coaches.

Unfortunately, the​ only revenue the school can generate from your school coaches is from the referral fee which is 5%.  

​To sign up your coaches, go to the ​Referral tab in the menu.  ​Click the Share link and send the referral to each of you coaches.  Once you do, the system will send them a link to download the app.  Into the future, you will receive 5% of their revenue.

Please let us know if you would like to sign up your school.​  Contact Us Here

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