Referral Program

​We at CoachLink want ​to connect coaches with students providing them with live, instant coaching.  To do this effectively, we need coaches.  We're offering CoachLink coaches a 5% commission for referring other coaches to CoachLink.  

This means if you've already signed up for CoachLink, and refer another coach, we'll pay you 5% from ​​that coaches revenue​ for life. ​

​Coaches do not have to be in the same industry that you are in.   In the future, CoachLink will be including all of the top sports.  So let's say you are a golf pro but you know a baseball coach.  From the referral tab in the menu of the app, you simply ​contact them letting them know about CoachLink using your referral link.  Once they sign up, all of their coaching sessions will be linked to your unique referral link so you'll be paid your referral fee.  The more coaches you refer, the more money you make.

​To cash out, you need to generate at least $25 in referral commissions.  These will be deposited into your Wallet so you'll know exactly how much money you have made.  If you would like to cash out, simply hit one button and we will be notified.  You can be paid either by PayPal, Zelle or by check.  The choice is yours.

We truly appreciate our coaches and want everyone to be successful with CoachLink.

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