Demo - Video Coaching Call

Below are the 2 different view of the same video coaching call.  This will allow you to see what both the coach and student sees as the call progresses.   Keep in mind this is a demo call.   Real calls may be longer or shorter depending on how much work the student needs.



​See The Different Uses For CoachLink

Coach Benefits

  • offer students "swing reviews"
  • work anytime you want
  • work from anywhere
  • work in bad weather
  • never lose your students if you move
  • check your students after lessons
  • don't have to book appointments into the future
  • keep working with students if they move from your area
  • give your students a few things to work on
  • any student questions
  • help them pick out the right equipment at a store
  • check out their current equipment
  • watch them while they are on the course (golf course)
  • watch them work on their technique at home

Student Benefits

  • get help instantly
  • don't have to pay on a different website
  • value - pay only for ​each minute your work with them
  • easy to use - use your phone or tablet
  • ​no appointments
  • work with your coach anywhere in the world
  • ​work with your coach forever
  • can work with top coaches not in your area
  • ​get a few things to work on
  • ​have your technique checked
  • have your swing reviewed by a coach
  • get your questions answered
  • learn faster

​CoachLink is not meant to replace live lessons.  It is meant to allow you to see what your students are doing and working on between lessons.  ​You can work with anyone, anywhere in the world which means you can promote your business worldwide thus increasing your revenue.  Hopefully, you see the benefits of CoachLink and how it will help both coaches and students.


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