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There are so many uses for CoachLink, you can:

  • Work with students anywhere in the world
  • Work anytime you want
  • Work from anywhere
  • Work with your students at their facility, at home, at competitions etc.
  • Give your students a few things to work on between live lessons
  • Check your students technique's when they leave a live lesson
  • Answer your students questions
  • Help students pick out the right equipment when they're at the store
  • The uses are endless

How To Use CoachLink

(The app may look slightly different as we continually make changes)

​1.  Download and install the app.

2. Accept the terms and payment terms.

3. Fill out your profile (this is what students will see so they may hire you).

​4. Let your students know you're using CoachLink and sign them up.  The more students you sign up the more will get notified when you GO ONLINE so they can hire you.  Students who have saved you into their FAVORITES or you have worked with in the past will also be notified.

​5.  When you are ready to go online turn the RED (offline) button to GREEN (online).  As soon as you go online, all of your students will receive a PUSH notification letting them know you are online and ready to coach (this is why it's important to add your students - the more students you add the more will be notified).

​6.  As students see you are online, and other students searching the app, some will hire you.  If they do, your phone or tablet will ring.  You can accept the call immediately or ask for 5 mins. to get to a location where you are undisturbed.  As soon as you accept the call, you are LIVE with that student so you can answer their questions, watch their technique etc.  You should mention that they will need holder for their device or to get someone to hold their device until they can get a holder in the future.

​7.  In the top bar, you will see the students name, actual time of call and how much they are being charged.

​8.  If you're already on a call, the student will see BUSY ​by your name.  They can be added to your waiting list or they may move on to another coach.  If they're on your waiting list, once your call ends, they will be notified that you're now available.  At any time you can check your STUDENT QUEUE to see if there is anyone waiting to work with you.

​9. Call are not recorded.  You should tell students to take notes after the session. They can find the NOTES section in their menu.

1​0. After the session, students will be asked to give you a star rating.  They can also leave a review and there is the option to leave a tip (which you receive 100%).

11.  All revenue you generate will be added to your Wallet which is seen in the menu.  This accumulates after every session you do.   Once you reach $25 a withdrawal button will appear.  Click the button and will will be notified that you would like to be paid.  Chose from a check, Paypal or Zelle.  We payout within 7 days or being notified.

1​1.  There are no appointments with CoachLink.  This is live, instant coaching.  So when you come online people can HIRE you instantly.   The more you are online, the more you will get hired. You can use the NOTIFICATIONS menu item to let your students know when you will be available for coaching.  Just write a message and students will see this in their notifications section.

1​2.  From the STATUS page you see whenever you log in you can check your revenue by using the calendars.  Simply choose a date range and all revenue generated (along with tips) will be displayed.

1​3.  Referrals - If you refer coaches to CoachLink you will receive 5% of their revenue for life.  You can do this in the menu.  Go to the REFERRAL tab.  Choose SHARE and send fellow coaches a message.  If they download the app they will be tracked with your unique referral ID.  Then as they do coaching sessions you make 5% of whatever they make.

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