​Live ... Instant ... Coaching

​Now you can get the help you need when you need it anywhere in the world.   There are no appointments. This is live coaching ​with your phone or tablet.  Choose from your own coach or our ever growing list of top coaches in the most popular sports.

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CoachLink Allows You To Learn Faster, Play Better and Save Money

CoachLink connects you to different coaches through video on your cell phone or tablet. Most of the time your coach just needs to see what you're doing to offer help or instruction. Through video, and the CoachLink app, you now have the ability to work with your coach live. No more waiting for them to get back to you or you uploading or emailing your videos to your coach. This is live coaching.

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​Instant Help

There's nothing worse than practicing the wrong thing. With CoachLink, your coach can actually see what you're doing and give you instant feedback.

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​Use Your Own Coach

​​If you & your coach are signed up for CoachLink, you have a direct line to each other through your phone or tablet.

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Other Top Coaches

​If you don't have a coach you're working with, choose from our ever growing list of experienced coaches located anywhere in the world.

​I Just Told Mark About the App ... Here What He Thinks Below:

​“​Now you can have a coach in your pocket at the range, at home or while your playing.  To have somebody take a quick look wherever you are to help you with your game.  This is ​ fantastic!"

- ​Mark Aho

Why CoachLink?

There's nothing worse than practicing the wrong thing.  With CoachLink, your coach can actually see what you're doing and give you instant feedback so you can get back on track instantly instead of waiting for your next lesson.


​Coaching Is Affordable For Anyone

Pay-Per-Minute Pricing

  • Now You Can Afford Work With Top Coaches
  • ​Know How Much The Sessions is Costing You
  • ​End The Session Whenever You Want
  • ​Work With Top Coaches All Over The World


​​CoachLink Is Simple

​With CoachLink, you connect to your coach using video over your phone or tablet.  This is a secure connection in HD video.  Sessions can be started over wifi or by using your phone's data plan.  There are no long distance fees.  Now you can work with experienced coaches anywhere in the world.

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​There Are So Many Uses For CoachLink:

For Students

No More Uploading or Emailing Videos To Your Coach​

  • ​No More Uploading or Emailing Videos To Your Coach
  • ​Work With Top Coaches ​Around The World
  • ​Only Pay For The Help You Need
  • No Scheduling Lessons In The Future - Get Help Now
  • ​Have A Coach Check Your Technique Between Lessons
  • ​Work With Coaches When You Go Out of Town
  • ​Work With Your Coach Anywhere, Anytime
  • Get A Few Things To Work On So You Keep It Simple

For ​Coaches

Work When You Want To Work

  • ​Make Sure Your Students Are Following Your Instruction
  • ​​Check Your Students Technique When They're At Home
  • ​​Work When You're Out Of Town
  • ​Work When You Have Bad Weather
  • ​​Work When You Want To Work
  • ​​​Never ​Lose Your Students If You Change Location
  • ​​Get Paid For Every Minute Of Your Time

For S​chools

​Increase Your Revenue and Promote Worldwide

  • ​​Provide Extra Income For Your Coaches
  • ​​Continue Working With School Attendees
  • ​​Work With Out Of Town Students
  • ​Promote Your School Worldwide
  • ​Have Coaches Check Students Between Lessons
  • No More ​Time Consuming Analysis

CoachLink is a FREE App

Once you install CoachLink, you can choose your own coach (if they're signed up and online) or other experienced coaches. Each coach sets their own per minute fee. Once your video coaching call begins, you're charged their per minute fee for as long as you're connected with that coach. This is displayed in the video screen so you know exactly how much the coaching session is costing you.  Once the coaching session ends, you'll see the total that'll be billed to your credit card. 

Start Using CoachLink Today!

Whether you are a student, freelance coach or school coach you can start using CoachLink today.  All you have to do is download the free app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.  Just click the link below to download:

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​Here are ​Some ​Common ​Questions:

​Is CoachLink A Free App?

​Are There Long Distance Fees?

Are The Coaching Sessions Recorded?

​​Can I Use A Tablet?

Can I Work With Any Coach?

Can I Book An Appointment?

​Do You Have  A Referral Program

​More Questions?

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